Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kate Upton Carl’s Jr. Commercial Released

Kate Upton is back in the headlines this week, and it’s not because she’s on the cover of another magazine, instead a commercial.
Just like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian once were, Kate Upton is now the “It” girl. And with that title, just like the other two celebrities, she’s got her very own Carl’s Jr. commercial.

Upton’s commercial takes place in a convertible at a drive-in movie. She’s seen devouring the tasty-looking burger in the sexiest way possible. Upton crawls over seats and undresses throughout the meal, as others look on.
In the commercial, the model is not only showing off her sex appeal but also introducing the world to the new Southwest Patty Melt.
“A spicy twist on a classic burger, the new Southwest Patty Melt features a charbroiled beef patty, with sliced jalapeƱos, grilled onions, pepper-Jack cheese and spicy Santa Fe sauce, all on grilled sourdough bread,” reads the video caption.
Carl’s Jr. commercials are known to be over the top hot clips. In past years, clips starred Hilton and Kardashian, who also devoured the cuisine in equally sexy ways.
Kate Upton has stepped on the scene in recent weeks with her name making headlines since making the cover of the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. The spread features Upton on various beaches, the SI shoot took place in Australia and Florida, where the blonde bombshell famously poses in her tiny bathing suit.
The Michigan-born model making the cover came as a surprise to her. She told the New York Post before the cover leaked online, “All I can really say is that I’m in the issue,” and added, “Fingers crossed!”

Jennifer Lawrence Not Jealous of Kristen Stewart

JENNIFER Lawrence doesn’t envy Kristen Stewart.

The actress — who stars in the hotly-awaited new movie The Hunger Games — doesn’t want to become a household name.
“I look at Kristen Stewart now and I think, ‘I’d never want to be that famous,’” Lawrence, 21, tells the April issue of Britain’s Glamour magazine.
“I can’t imagine how I’d feel if all of a sudden my life was pandemonium.
“In some ways, it’s a hard life, but it’s a great professional life.
“I’m doing what I love, and then I get months and months of rest. I have a lot of money for a 21-year-old. I can’t stand it when actors complain.
“Just recently I started letting myself eat things from the minibar. When we were kids, we would never open the minibar. A $6 Snickers bar? But the other day I was in a hotel and I was staring at a Snickers bar, and I finally just ate it.
“Then it was like something in me snapped. I opened all these drinks. I thought: I can do it now. Now I’m all grown-up. I can eat things from the minibar.”

Megan Fox Wants Three Kids

MEGAN Fox wants to be a mommy!

The actress, 25, says she’s desperate to start a family with husband Brian Austin Green.
“I want at least two, probably three [kids],” she said. “I’ve always been maternal.”
When Fox first began dating Green in 2004, “I didn’t know who he was,” the actress admits.
“I was too young for Beverly Hills, 90210. But the first time I saw him, I got butterflies. And the first time he casually touched me? There was so much electricity.
“We’ve had obstacles, and we’ve overcome them.
“I truly feel like he’s my soul mate. I don’t want to sound corny or cliche, but I do believe we are detained to live this part of our lives together.”
Megan then dispelled her tough girl image.
“It’s because I have tattoos and I say curse words, and apparently, that’s crazy,” Fox says.
“I think maybe I give off this energy of seeming like I don’t give a f-ck, and that’s misinterpreted. But I’m not wild.”

Julia Roberts: ‘Let Young Hollywood Make Mistakes’

JULIA Roberts says young stars should be allowed to make mistakes.The actress, 44, s bothered by the lack of what young stars are able to get away with in the public eye, compared to when she started in the business decades ago.
“There’s the express elevator and there’s rehab,” she tells Vanity Fair. “It’s so awful. Nobody gets a fair trial-and-error period that everybody deserves and everybody needs.
“The business is so different.
“[I was] on a crowded street, and somebody noticed me, and then another person noticed.
“Somebody said as we were walking past, ‘Oh, that’s Julia Roberts.’ We all just kind of kept going, and then [twin son Phinnaeus] said, ‘Yeah, my mom’s Julia Robinson.’

Jennifer Lynn Lopez (born July 24, 1969), also known by her nickname J.Lo, is an American actress, singer, record producer, dancer, television personality, fashion designer and television producer. Lopez began her career as a dancer on the television comedy program In Living Color. Subsequently venturing into acting, she gained recognition in the 1995 action-thriller Money Train.