Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Happy Birthday

Today is my birthday and as I have started to do the past couple of years I buy myself a pair of shoes. Usually just cheap ones from Payless or some similar store. No different this year as I needed a pair of shoes for walking in so I got a cheap pair from the Shoe Warehouse. They are kind of cute and fit better than anything else there. Plus just about everyhthing else was an ugly dark brown.

Tonight I am heading out with Rastin to Capone's in Yaletown for dinner and some live jazz. I decided to wear a skirt that I have had in my closet for ages but never worn for some unknown reason. It too has shoes on it. Can you see a theme here? I LOVE shoes! Now just to decide what shoes to wear with the skirt for tonight....... maybe one of my black patent pumps. What do you think?

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