Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Naomi Campbell

When a 40-year-old woman says they are in no rush for children, is that their way of saying they'll never have them?

I wish the journalist who interviewed Naomi Campbell would've asked that as a follow up question.

Those of us who would love to see images of Naomi teaching her daughter how to kill the catwalk or endanger the life of a staffer by way of BlackBerry will have to old out a little longer (or again, not wait at all).

It seems Naomi is in no rush to have children.

In an interview with Britain's Elle magazine, she shared her thoughts on the prospects of motherhood.

Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell Looking nice
Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell Smile Style
Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell Hot StyleLondon, May 16: News doing the rounds is that Naomi Campbell might be the bridesmaid at Kate Moss's wedding with her lover Jefferson Hack.

However, the supermodel has not yet confirmed the reports.

On being probed by the Mirror, Campbell winked and said coyly: "Now that would be telling. But I am so proud of Kate. I love Jamie and I can't wait for the wedding. Jamie's such a nice guy, he's the one for her."

Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell watch
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Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell fashion
Naomi-CampbellNaomi Campbell Looking styleLondon, June 23: Supermodel Naomi Campbell has launched her range of Fiorucci jeans and said like pasta they could be mixed with anything.

"Jeans are like pasta... you can interpret them differently each time and play with the accessories," the Daily Mail quoted her as telling Harper''s Bazaar.

"Wear them with flip-flops if you want comfort, or heels if you want to look sexy," she added.

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