Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Punk Goth Clothes

Punk Goth Clothes simply a small community of people comfortable with one another. Literally Goths are people who practice free thinking and not tied by the moral and social rules around him. People become Goths either because of some unpleasant experience from the society that makes him want to get away from it, or simply because he enjoys the free life of Goths. 

A typical Goth fashion has a very dark and melancholic look about themselves with black hair, black lips and black clothes. Punk Goth Clothes styles are genderless, with both men and women using cosmetics, heels and even skirts. Cyber Goth fashion is influenced by the gothic culture and also by science fiction. 

Punk Goth Clothes may have body piercing. Wigs and artificial plastic falls that are braided are used at times. Hair is styled in an absurd manner to suit the personality of these untamed punks and give them a futuristic look.Goths have a liking for wild, trance like club music and enjoy the night life.

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