Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Swing Summit Weekend

This weekend was a lot of fun and totally exhausting at the same time. It was Swing Summit here in the lower mainland out in Abbotsford plus on Friday night the was a great band at Fat City in Langley. I taught the drop in on Friday night and then went on to help teach some of the aerial workshops out at the camp in Abby. My legs are so sore from essentially doing tons and tons of plyometric squats over this weekend demo'ing the various moves. I also had some of the things from my store available at the Saturday night dance which meant carrying lots of heavy clothes right after having been flipping the guys in the Saturday advanced aerials workshop that we did. Needless to say most of my body is aching and I am sooooo ready for bed! Here are some pics of Friday night and a couple from our last workshop which was on balancing and stacking people (not really an aerial one but it was a lot of fun!).

This is Bria and her band on Friday night.

A little food and refreshment afterward. I was the one driving that night :-(

This is one of the guys in the class getting the chance to do some of the balancing where a follow would normally be. It's a good thing for them to feel a bit of the nerves that we go through!

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