Saturday, February 25, 2012

Amanda Seyfried: ‘You Won’t Notice me Naked’

AMANDA Seyfried says audiences won’t even notice her nude scenes in the biopic of porn star Linda Lovelace.

The Mamma Mia star bares all for the gritty real life drama but is not expecting cinema-goers to be titillated by her exposure.
“To be honest the subject matter is so dark, I don’t think anyone will notice that I’m naked,” says Amanda.
“It’s not that kind of movie and they are not that kind of scenes.”
Seyfried was recently asked if she’s going through a 20s slut phase.
“No! I’m terrified of being promiscuous. I don’t like the feeling you get when it’s not something that you truly want to do, and I hate the emotional abuse you give yourself afterward,” she said.
“It’s just uncomfortable when you’re with somebody and you’re like, ‘I don’t really know if I’m even comfortable with this. Why did I? Eww!’ I think dating can come without sex. I think that’s a really fun way to do it. Right now I’m happy to not have someone’s naked body around me. Except for my dog’s.
“I think about kids all the time. I feel like the next person I commit to, that’s going to be the guy who I’m going to have kids with. That’s in my crazy female brain. So that’s why I’m like, ‘I can’t commit.

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