Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Maxi Sun Dresses

Maxi sun dresses are set to be all the rage this summer ..... but can they really suit a petite body shape?

You'll be glad to hear the answer is yes!

Some body shapes may need some accessories to balance out the style but with the right tips you can be wearing your maxi sun dress rather than it wearing you!

If you are 'heightely' challenged you could end up sweeping the streets with your dress. The best thing to do is either get your dress taken up or buy a pair of heels/wedges to give you the added height you need so as not to compete with the road sweeper......

..... the good thing is if you are strapped for cash the shoes don't have to be expensive or nice for that matter because they will be cleverly concealed by your dress!

Another tip is to keep your dress fitted up top. If the design you like doesn't have the fitted look, don't fret. Maxi Sun dresses look cute worn with a waistcoat which gives you the fitted style without having to alter the dress or find another one.

Another important tip if you're petite is to opt for styles that aren't to floaty and voluminous. Sticking to more sleek straight cut styles will keep in proportion with your petite frame and stop you looking wider than you are.

Maxi sun dresses are one of those styles that you can't help but notice ..... just make sure it's for all the right reasons! It's a fun flirty way to enjoy the sunshine in style!

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